Frequently Asked Questions...


What is a hand rubbed finish?
A hand rubbed finish starts with several coats of a protective oil applied by hand. Then we apply several coats of past wax to bring out the wood’s natural beauty. Over time the finish will patina increasing its beauty and value.


What is a polyurethane finish?

Polyurethane is a clear incredibly durable, long lasting man made product that can be used to protect wood.

How do I pay for the item?
click on the Add to Cart button below the product. Follow the instructions given by paypal to complete the order.

Is this a safe way to make a payment?
Paypal is very safe. It is the most popular and secure method of payment over the internet. Paypal gaurantees your money up to $2,000 from fraudulent sellers.

What if there is no Buy Now button around the product?
If there is no buy now button then the item is a special order item. Send us an email and we can arrage custom details. An example of this would be the items in our custom furniture section.

What if there is no shipping option on a product?
Some of our products are too big to give an accurate shipping price. Contact us and we can arrange a fair shipping cost and time.

What if I need a piece of furniture unlike anything listed on the web site?
We will gladly build you anything you can think of at a reasonable price!

How does local delivery work?
We can delivery any of our products to Spokane and Spokane Valley, WA area residents. We can arrange to meet at any public place the customer wants.

How do I care for my hand rubbed furniture?
Your step stool has multiple coats of Watco brand satin wax. This gives the wood a deep luster and helps protect the wood. We then applied several coats of Johnson’s paste wax to give your step a satin finish. To bring back the luster and shine we recommend applying a fresh cost of the paste wax. This can be done as often as you like to maintain the level of shine you prefer. A soft cotton cloth and a little paste wax is all it takes to restore the shine. The wax will help protect your step although like all fine furniture water can affect the finish. Simply, wipe off any standing water.